Glorious Poison
Personal identity 

Glorious Poison is a high end cocktail
service offering bottled cocktails, bartending workshops and events.

We designed a custom font in
combination with a structured grid
to create a unique yet usable identity.


Technicolor #1
Book design

Study: color palette on film 

16 pages
210 mm x 148 mm

Hogeschool, Gent
Online communication 

Hogeschool Gent is the main college
in Gent, Belgium.

We created a visual identity for two
courses for postgrad students. Both
based on the idea of building on previous
degrees visualized in a simple animation.

New Generation, similar mistakes
Book design

Booklet about historical reuccurences 

36 pages
210 mm x 148 mm  

Time 2 Pay 
Corporate identity

Time 2 Pay is a young and female debt
collectors agency based in Ghent, Belgium.
Their fresh approach to old business makes
them a one of a kind organization.

We chose a fresh and feminine color palette
in combination with brutalist type.